Continents of the world

We promote what is essential for continents around the world. Our strategy is to enhance accessibility by bringing together businesses, the job market, and entrepreneurship with deaf and diverse individuals so that they can get to know each other and grow together in the future, sharing common goals. This will lead to an improvement in the strategy and quality of life for the deaf community. We also collaborate with World Deaf Tech to share an accessible environment, which is crucial for development and learning, as well as for interaction, sharing information, and experiences. This is essential for learning and development, aiding students and professionals. World Deaf Tech promotes information and shares learning without barriers, which is effective in understanding how technology works, supporting the deaf community. We present continents of the world through the following acronyms: ADT, which stands for America Deaf Tech; AFDT, which stands for Africa Deaf Tech ; EDT, which stands for Europe Deaf Tech; and ASDT, which stands for Asia Deaf Tech and ODT, which stands for Oceania Deaf Tech.

1st European Congress of Europe Deaf Tech in Madrid, 2019

1st European Congress of Europe Deaf Tech in Madrid, Spain, since June 15, 2019. As a deep connoisseur of the deaf community’s reality and the human condition, his conferences are inspiring. He presents to companies the needs of deaf people to enhance accessibility and quality of life, which is essential for effective communication development between deaf and hearing individuals. We express our gratitude to the TechinApp team, Gabriele Serpi, and Jose Ignacio, whose work is fundamental. We appreciate World Deaf Tech for promoting development worldwide and being essential for technological progress, enabling effective communication for people