It is essential to know the path from the beginning. Joaquim Amado created the Facebook group ‘World Information Technology for the Deaf’ in 2012 while searching for social networks. This is how Gabriele Serpi and I started on LinkedIn in May 2013, where we discussed what we believed to be a fundamental role in the future of deaf individuals. Continuing on LinkedIn, which is crucial, we got in touch with Alfonso starting in 2014, where we discovered other social networks such as YouTube, and also established contact through Facebook. We discussed how technology works and how it is essential to support the deaf community in the field of technology. This has been highly effective as we have developed and learned together.  

We thank Joaquim Amado, who initiated this journey with Gabriele Serpi in 2013 and later with Alfonso Balderas in 2014, demonstrating progress along the way, which is of great importance. All countries can progress, and it is essential when we share knowledge and experience. We are very happy to have met each other, which is fundamental for our development and to understand how technology operates in the world.  

It all began with Joaquim Amado, who got in touch with Gabriele Serpi in 2013 and with Alfonso starting in 2014. Supporting deaf individuals is crucial, as it is vital for their development and learning. This is incredible and is evident in the progress made along the journey. We thank everyone, as it is part of a successful story in conferences that fills us with joy. Our primary goal is to assist deaf individuals and promote learning, which is fundamental for the role of deaf individuals in the future, something of great importance