DeafITI - Joaquim Amado

Joaquim Amado has been participating in the DeafIT event in Germany since 2018, and you can follow him at We are grateful for the support of Microsoft and Hand Talk, as they enabled him to take part in an essential lecture on accessibility and how technology functions. In this lecture, the communication between hearing and deaf individuals was discussed, as well as the arguments for and against the use of avatars. Furthermore, Joaquim explained the importance of facial expression in communication, especially when using an avatar. This is crucial for development, as it helps us understand how all of this works. The sign language avatar is called Hugo and was developed by Hand Talk.

Panama - Alfonso

Alfonso Balderas has been participating in events at the National Association of the Deaf in Panama since November 2018, where he explained how accessibility works and can contribute to development. This initiative is highly effective as it provides information about accessibility and how technology plays a crucial role in this process. Social inclusion is of paramount importance, especially when we can communicate with deaf individuals and contribute to their development.

TDC BRAZIL - Alfonso

Gabriele Serpi - Budapest, Hungary, the WFD 3rd International Conference that took place from November 8 to 11, 2017

Gabriele Serpi has been participating in the WFD International Conference since November 2017, addressing the topic of innovations in communications: deaf individuals as ambassadors for companies seeking accessibility, with a focus on startups such as Pedius, Intendime, and Veasyt. This is of utmost importance as it contributes to the development of deaf individuals, enabling effective communication between the deaf and hearing communities. Additionally, Gabriele introduced World Deaf Tech, which is crucial for everyone to explore technologies related to the deaf community. Having information about this is essential for deaf individuals to understand how technology can contribute to their development. For more details, you can access the following link: , where you will find further knowledge and information on the subject.

Interview 2020 to 2022

It is extremely essential to promote interviews that facilitate the exchange of experiences and knowledge. This holds great importance as it enables the sharing of knowledge and experiences, contributing to growth and learning, particularly in the realm of technology. When we understand how things work, we gain valuable knowledge and can share experiences, providing vital information for deaf individuals. This is fundamental for their development, as it offers information and learning opportunities. Technology-related interviews have been taking place from 2020 to 2022, spanning 50 countries and involving 99% of deaf people and 1%  hearing of users of international sign language. It is of utmost importance that everyone has the opportunity to learn, understand, and obtain information.

You can follow World Deaf Tech on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, where you will find valuable content. This is essential for increasing the visibility of World Deaf Tech and for all those who wish to contribute and assist deaf individuals in their pursuit of learning and knowledge. We express our gratitude to Joaquim Amado, Gabriele Serpi, and Alfonso for being volunteers and for helping deaf people worldwide by sharing information and experiences, which is of great importance. For those who haven’t yet followed us on social media, take the opportunity to do so and follow World Deaf Tech at the following links: 



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Conference Brazil - Joaquim

Joaquim Amado organized the virtual World Deaf Tech conference and assembly starting from February 13, 2021. He invited speakers such as Slava is Russo and Shireen Hafeez is  American. They served as speakers, and we also had interpreters for Brazilian Sign Language, Mexican Sign Language, and International Sign Language. Deaf individuals as well as hearing individuals who use International Sign Language participated. We were all engaged in the discussions, but we decided to postpone them as we were still deliberating to reach an agreement on the bylaws. These discussions are crucial for everyone to share experiences and understand how development, information, and discussions work. This has been very effective, and we express our gratitude to the Organizing Committee of the WDT Conference/Assembly.