Alfonso Balderas – TDC 2019 Brazil/ São Paulo – Projects , Innovation, Technology and Inclusion

Alfonso Balderas has been participating in The Developers Conference in São Paulo, Brazil since 2019, where he has been discussing accessibility and how it functions in development, assisting deaf individuals in finding places with accessibility gaps and information. For instance, he emphasized the importance of locating websites that provide sign language interpreters. He conceived the idea of creating a project to assist deaf individuals in understanding how technology can be essential in this pursuit. Joaquim Amado is coordinating the Accessibility Track at TDC (The Developers Conference), leading the accessibility track. We proudly display the World Deaf Tech logo from my organization in support of this track. It is an honor to participate and promote diversity and inclusion. It is possible to eliminate communication barriers among colleagues to advance diversity and inclusion. The organization is maximizing accessibility and digital inclusion, removing barriers to ensure that employees with different abilities have access to products and become more competitive.

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